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A couple of lessons I was hired to do for a great site called PlayjazzNow.com, which has available a large variety of jazz playalong tracks, many tunes, styles, multiple keys, all produced by really good musicians - oThese particular videos deal with chord forms that have their basis in voicings that have been used by pianists for decades and are also extremely useful for guitarists. Taking and using ideas from other instruments  (tweaking them technically  if need be, to render them playable one's own instrument) can open up many new possibilities. These are lessons that I was hireThisd to do for PlayJazzNow.com, a great place to get high quality  jazz backing tracks for practicing.

Chord voicings for a common harmonic pattern used in jazz - and many other styles:  the ii/V/I/iv turnaround

Blues In C: This lesson handles 12 blues chord changes with a jazz approach.