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Some blues flavored improvisation with a backing track of SRV's Texas Flood. I transcribed SRV's intro and use bits of it in what I played. About 1/3 of my students work on blues, funk, Neo-soul, or R+B material.


Here's a transcription of Hendrix's  Little Wing    which I lifted from Axis:Bold As Love. I work with students on developing skills to transcribe for themselves. One should attempt it when possible (as opposed to always using books or tabs), - but this one's a little tricky. Hendrix uses slightly unconventional groupings of notes here, so I've usually given students help with this one.Evanston guitar lessons" "Wilmette guitar lessons" 

Solo on Earth,Wind , and Fire's September

A few snippets from a recent duo gig - bits from "My Cherie amour", "This Masquerade", "Sweet Home Chicago". Playing solo or duo is entirely different from band work: no bass, no drums to lay down the usual foundation, and so the chording instrument has to imply those materials - the musical responsibilities are fun but challenging.

This  a link to a commercial band I work with regularly - some really talented players and singers  who do everything from Lady Gaga to Usher to Jobim to James Brown to Sinatra:    www.momentumtalentgroup.com